STAGE AND CINEMA; June 2011, "AntiMan," Two Roads Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

"And, better still, Rachel K. Levy’s lighting design was subtly beautiful, sometimes turning Paley into a piece of human sculpture. Such good work deserves recognition." Click here to read full article.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE; September 2014, "Orders From the Horse," Links Hall Theatre, Chicago, IL

"Then a row of floor-level fluorescents (design by Rachel Levy) flicks on at the rear of the stage, casting the dancers into silhouette and producing a stark clarity that highlights the gentle flow of the movement. Seemingly instinctive, it's alive with the drama of inwardness;" Click here to read full article.

CHICAGO THEATRE REVIEW; November 2014, "The American Revolution," Adventure Stage, Chicago, IL

"Every member of this hardworking ensemble, including Rachel K. Levy for her magical lighting design, deserves high praise."  Click here to read full article.